UK Government BANS Wet Wipes containing Plastics

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In a bold move, the UK government has made statement on world leading legalisation that bans wet wipes containing plastic. 

This decision has to be widely applauded by the cleaning industry as heavy scrutiny is on the use of single use plastics in the commercial cleaning and Facilties industries.

Why the ban?

Posted to the website, the article cites the microplastics being a major concern to human health, aquatic life and also to our ecosystems. 

The standard of our waterways has been questionable in recent years with many incidents of pollution occurring for various political reasons. 

However, when it comes to the impact of plastic based wet wipes the government report states that ‘with a recent survey showing an average of 20 wet wipes were found per 100 metres of beach surveyed across the UK*’

Read the full article.


Is there still a place for wet wipes? We think so. In a society of convenience, the wet wipe has a place for personal hygiene for sure. The use of wipes in commercial cleaning is less clear cut but there is a good argument that wipes are the best tool for the job in some industries and environments.


Credit has to go to the UK based manufacturer and one of the pioneers of the biodegradable, plastic-free wipe, who released their product even before COVID, in 2019. See below for their UK made product.

Clinell and Uniwipe all have a biodegradable plastic free wipe in recyclable packaging. Check out the specifications in the PDF downloads below to see which product appeals to you most.

All in all, a very positive move for the British public. As an island surrounded by beautiful coastline, we have to do all we can to protect marine life, beaches and our waterways.

Here's three biodegradable plastic free options we stock

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