The Ideal Product for Washrooms Services

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Is this the product that differentiates you from the competition?

Let Nature's Grease Work For You

Adding huge value, not just another product to service

Your Washroom operatives are going in to change the air freshener, quadrasan, feminine hygiene bin, urinal sleeve etc… It's time to add another service to your offering.

When has there been any innovation in this area? 

Genuine innovation that has never been seen before. 

Sure, we've had progression in urinal mats (added enzymes), air fragrance systems (gels, oils, aerosols, atomizers etc), AIRsteril units, cistern dosing systems, urinal sleeves, waterless urinals and so on. 

Let's cut to the chase. the aforementioned washroom items either just don't work or they are simply fluffers, masking the odours.

This product is compelling. Why?

a) ticks every box environmentally

b) works brilliantly

c) helps manage a British Standards legislation 8580-2

Wastewater pipes will benefit from a period dosing of R-Foam. 

This is proven to create a hostile environment inside the pipework so that microorganisms cannot attach and breed, R-Foam has been coined as ‘Nature’s Grease' as it is a plant-based product that creates a long-lasting greasy film on anything it touches.

As a washroom services provider, this service can be added easily and with clear benefits for both health and washroom user experience.

R-Foam will prevent the growth of uric crystals which is the number one source of stench.

R-Foam coats the inside of wastewater pipes so biofilms and bacteria can't stick to it. Genius!

‘My clients will only entertain fully sustainable products’

Ideal. And quite right too.

Every product (including the packaging) in the R-Foam kit is sustainable. From the foam to the tape on the box.

  • Plant-based
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • No VOCs
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Made in the UK

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