Why is CONTROL so GOOD at removing urine smells?

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How Does It Work?

TECcare CONTROL is one of the most technical high level disinfectant products on the market. It has multiple uses and one of the most underused is eradicating the stench of urine in washrooms.

Urine has a high water content and when the water begins to evaporate, the ammonia in the urine becomes very potent. CONTROL has the ability to break the ammonia.

Odour forming bacteria also contributes to the offensive smell and TECcare CONTROL will eliminate them. 

Where and How to use CONTROL


  • Air
  • Hard surfaces
  • Soft surfaces

Use in a bucket for mopping or wiping.

Use with the NAP Sprayer for spray and wiping.

Use with the NAP Sprayer and leave to evaporate.

CONTROL in the NAP Sprayer is cationic, which means it wraps around objects and covers a greater surface area than a traditional trigger spray.

Use CONTROL down the urinals, on floors, walls and inside and outside of the urinal bowl

CONTROL Product Range

What Makes It Worse?

Blocked urinals due to uric crystals forming in the pipe make odours even worse with more bacteria present

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