Bio productions Urinal Cap 30 Days



The Bio-P will significantly reduce urinal maintenance

The P30 will last 30 days,

The Bio-P will fit into almost every type of urinal without adaptation – even those which have previously had some other devise installed that when removed leaves an open hole and an adapter.

Each Bio P lasts 30 days


12 x Bio-P cap with 30g BLUE bio-block (which nominally cleans and lasts 4 – 6 weeks)

Patented double helix stem fitting & protective gloves. (Blue lid on tub).

Sold in Tubs of 12.

The concept of hiding a urinal block inside some type of plastic cap (or dome) has been adopted by a number of companies, some using Bio-Productions blocks within their units.

However, these ‘domes’ have become a ‘capital’ items, along with all sorts of claims and special fitting requirements, not to mention infrastructure change when adopting these types of systems.

The Bio-P requires no special skills or tools to fit into the urinal and when coupled with reduced flushing (nominally 3 - 4 times each day) will provide savings both of water and subsequently cash to the consumer, not to mention carbon. The Bio-P will also significantly reduce urinal maintenance.

The P30 will last 30 days, the P90 lasts 90 days and replaces urinal sleeve cartridges

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