V-Air Solid Evolution Multi-Phasing Air Freshener


REDUCE BAD SMELLS The special formulation in our EVA cartridge material provides superior fragrance performance.

CLEVER DESIGN FEATURES The special slatted design features allow for optimum air movement around the cartridge.

MULTI-PHASING TECHNOLOGY With its dual seaweed core and fragrance outer, the refill utilises our multi-phasing technology.

ECONOMIC DESIGN The lightweight cartridge refill works with no batteries or liquids and is free from harmful propellants.


Organic gel core, extracted from natural seaweed (Carrageenan).

No batteries or liquids required, free from harmful propellants.

Multi-phasing air freshening technology to combat fragrance fatigue.

Unique and enhanced core surface area, for superior fragrance delivery. *Patent pending.



V-Air® SOLID Evolution works by using just natural airflow, with the clever slatted design of the cartridge allowing for enhanced air delivery – helping to disperse fragrance into spaces without batteries or fans.

The unique seaweed gel core evaporates, leaving a greater surface area inside the EVA outer, exposing an enhanced surface area of the refill for superior fragrance performance. Not only that, but the fragrances diffuse at

different rates, blending two complementary fragrances and key fragrance notes, which combats fragrance fatigue.


Bergamot & Sandalwood: Fresh top notes of citrus lemon with a woody base makes this an alluring aroma

Citrus Mango: A fruity cocktail with a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries

Linen Breeze: A clean linen fragrance that creates an uplifting atmosphere

Marine Musk: A musky aquatic wave with citrus, rose, jasmine, lavender & coumarin

Specification 6 per case

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