Cutlass (1 litre)



Fresh Lemon Fragrance

Provides effective sanitising action

Eliminates unpleasant smells at source

Prevents hard water scale accumulation

For the regular cleaning and sanitising of all ceramic, stainless steel, painted and other non-porous surfaces

Recommended in bathrooms, shower rooms and for general housekeeping applications

Size 1 litre
Specification Single unit
Take Cutlass into the washroom and you can pretty much address everything. With a mild lemon fragrance, it can be used to disinfect all hard surfaces and help keep scale away in the process. It's very safe to use and for an added turbo sanitising just half the dilution ratio. Popular in public changing and washroom areas as it does a great job but is extremely cost effective and safe to use. Schools and leisure centres love it. If you prefer a lime fragrance then look for its cousin called Selactive (E014). To clean and sanitise all hard surfaces dilute 1 part to 80 parts hot water For sanitising soak for 10 minutes in a solution of 1 part to 40 parts hand hot water

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