Plastic Safe



  • A specialist graffiti remover for use on all surfaces that are sensitive to solvents such as plastics, polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Simply spray onto graffiti and leave for 10 - 60 minutes depending on how porous the surface is
  • Once the graffiti is lifted using a pressure washer or scraper to remove the residue

A new generation of graffiti remover which intelligently removes paint off a painted surface

Different types of paint, such as car paint, powder coated paint and gloss paints are chemically different to aerosol spray paints used by vandals

Plastic safe is formulated to break up aerosl spray paint (without dissolving it) but will not attack the oleo-resinous, polyurethane or powder coatred substrate

Will not attack common plastics including polycarbonate

Extensively tested on the Glasdon range of bins and shelters

Specification 5 litre single unit

Spray product evenly across graffiti Leave for 10-60 minutes (more porous surfaces require longer)

To prevent bleeding or ghosting the best techniques for removal is pressure washing with water

Alternatively, scrape carefully with a soft spatula to avoid damaging the underlying paint or plastic

On non-porous surfaces the grafitti can be wiped off with a paper towel

On more sensitive surfaces, ensure product is fully removed after treatment to prevent any long term discolouration

Though Selden cannot comment on the environment impact of the graffiti, this Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover has an exceptionally good environmental profile

Does not contain either acids or caustics

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