Melon Mist Sani Spray



Sanitises a space up to 75m3 without the need of staff or PPE

Safe to use around electronics and no residue left behind

Puts the end-user in control of fully sanitising the spaces that they deem are high-risk

60% alcohol

Stop the spread of Coronavirus with Melon Mist aerosol fogging

This is used to kill any airborne pathogens as well as giving an initial blast to any surface pathogens.

Fully tested to BS/EN 1276, 14476, and 1650 to kill 99.999% of bacteria.

Simply push the button and vacate the area for 1 hour.

  1. Alcohol at 60% volume for instant disinfection of airborne and surface disinfection
  2. Powerful 'broad spectrum' disinfectant that sanitises surfaces and remains active until depleted
  3. Deodorises your space and leaves a fresh fragrance

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