(Gargle) BIOZEK Antigen Lateral Flow COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits



93.3% accuracy (sensitivity of sample)

97.3% accuracy overall

Results between 5-15 minutes 

CE Certified

MHRA Approved

*Whilst MHRA have not stipulated specific parameters of administration of the Biozek Antigen Test Kit in their email confirming ability to sell in the UK and EU, their recommendation falls consistent with our recommendation – to be administered by a health professional

Biozek Medical have created a highly Accurate,UK approved, COVID-19 test which provides 93.3% accurate results within 15 minutes.

Biozek Medical was the first company to introduce Antibody Tests for COVID-19 to the world. Now they have introduced the fastest and most accurate pregnancy style COVID-19 test to the market.

The Biozek COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device detects SARSCoV-2 viral antigens through visual interpretation of colour development.

The test is a stand-alone test and delivers results without any additional lab equipment making it ideal to be conducted in any location (home, office, leisure, care, entertainment, travel or hospitality environment).

The Biozek COVID-19 antigen test saves hours and even days compared to traditional PCR testing as results are known in no more than 15 minutes

Biozek offer a nasal Swab or Gargle mouth rinse test options.

Detects If you have contracted COVID-19 specifically at the time the test is administered and an assurance you are COVID-19 free for at least 48hrs.

Use by Date - 24 months from date of manufacture.

Specification 30 kits per box
Users have the choice between nasal OR gargle test, not both

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