Sciin Two Antiviral Face Mask



800 Hours


ViralOff SARS-CoV-2 certified

2 sizes available

  • Sciin Two is made from luxurious bamboo treated with ViralOff virus reducing Technology.
  • A lightweight double layer hybrid mask with 2 different ways to wear 
  • Now you can breathe with ease. the mask is so lightweight you would hardly notice it is there but it still packs a punch, stopping 99.9% of viral activity
  • Part of our pledge to the planet all Sciin Products can be reused, re-washed and recycled to help sustain a healthy planet

Sciin Two User Guide and FAQs

Specification Germ protection technology enables normal waste disposal
No medical waste bin’s required
Reusable Washable Sustainable Material
If Sciin One mask is worn every day at work, one wash per week, 15 washes = 15 working weeks. Usage 5 x 15 = 75 days

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