Full Power Graffiti Remover 5 litre



Ideal for removing graffiti from brickwork, breezeblock, sandstone and any solvent resistant surface

Not suitable for use on solvent sensitive surfaces such as plastics & polycarbonates

Removes all paints including basecoats 

SELDEN FULL POWER GRAFFITI REMOVER is a solvent spray paint remover for porous surfaces.  

It works by breaking up the dried paint which can then be pressure washed away, without leaving ghosting.

FULL POWER is effective on dye, staining, ink and wax graffiti materials.  It does not contain caustics or acid, and features an exceptionally good environmental profile.  FULL POWER can be safely used on bricks, bare metal, breeze-blocks, concrete and stone, untreated bare wood, polyethylene and polypropylene - it is not suitable for plastics and other solvent-sensitive surfaces.


Decant into a trigger spray and spray evenly onto the graffiti at arm's length; there is no benefit to coating with more than a single pass - this will simply cause FULL POWER to fall off under its own weight.

Leave the product on the graffiti for one hour of contact, scrub briefly, then remove with a pressure washer for porous surfaces, a paper towel for non-porous.

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