P-Screen® 60 Day Triple Action Urinal Screen


P-Screen® urinal screens are a 60-day fragrance solution for most urinal shapes and sizes.

P-Screen® is an effective solution that reduces bad smells for up to 60 days with a deep bubble and bristle design that prevents splash back and drain blockages.

Triple action screen

The World’s first triple action screen, offering both dual fragrance and enzyme protection. The active central core in the urinal screen is not only designed to reduce bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance in the screen. This combats fragrance fatigue, which is a common experience of losing sensitivity to smells from over exposure. Its large surface area means it can also provide extra fragrance delivery.

Active central core

The P-Screen® urinal mats incorporate a fragranced active central core, containing naturally- occurring, enzyme producing bacteria grown specially to reduce organic scale build-up by ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and therefore made easier to flush away.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality & strong fragrance up to 60 days
  • Deep bubble & bristle design for optimum splash back protection
  • Large grip pad
  • Bright and vibrant shades to encourage use
  • Fully recyclable & VOC exempt
  • Unique bubble & bristle design to allow water drainage
  • Naturally-occurring bacteria help prevent uric salt build up in pipes
  • Flexible EVA lattice core to sit comfortably in any urinal

Clever design features

With its unique design features, and strong fragrance performance, the P-Screen® offers the perfect solution for urinal maintenance with enhanced fragrance delivery and splash back protection for up to 60 days. Its flexible core is built using interlacing strips of EVA material to form a strong lattice, making it less rigid than other screens, giving it the ability to fit almost any urinal.

The deep bubbles in the design reduce the risk of splash back, whilst the bristles absorb the liquid for optimum hygiene. At the same time they allow water to drain away, preventing waste or other materials blocking urinal traps. 

Specification 6 per case

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