Wee-Screen 30 Day Urinal Screen


Wee-Screen™ urinal screens are a 30-day fragrance solution for most urinal shapes and sizes. Wee-Screen™ is an effective solution that reduces bad smells for up to 30 days with a deep bubble design that prevents splash back and drain blockages.

Reduce bad smells

The special formulation in our Wee-Screen™ urinal screen is designed to provide optimum fragrance to urinals and surrounding areas. The screen is not just suitable for small washrooms, but also for high frequency areas.

Clever design features

Unique design features, include a flexible core, built using interlacing strips of EVA material to form a strong, but less rigid lattice than other screens, giving it the ability to fit almost any urinal. The deep bubbles reduce the risk of splash back, combined with the strategically positioned feet under the mat, they allow water & urine to drain away, whilst preventing refuse or other materials from blocking the urinal traps.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality & strong fragrance up to 30 days
  • Deep bubble design for excellent splash back protection
  • Large grip pad
  • Bright and vibrant shades to encourage use
  • Fully recyclable & VOC exempt
  • Unique bubble design to allow water drainage
  • Helps prevent blockages in urinals and drains.
  • Flexible EVA lattice core to sit comfortably in any urinal
  • Fragrance match to AirloopTM & V-Range products encouraging fragrance harmonisation

Size 10 per case

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