Lemon Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner



  • All purpose heavy duty powerful traffic film remover and degreaser
  • Biodegradable formulation
  • Heavy duty application for commercial and heavy fleet cleaning, MOT work and plant vehicles

Excels on all non-porous surfaces

Controlled foam helps prevent over use

For cleaning floors in offices, schools, hospitals, canteens etc

Suitable for use on linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed wood, sealed cork and thermoplastic floors

NB. Not recommended for galvanised surfaces, laminated flooring or unsealed wood and cork

Size 5 litre
Specification Single unit

A 'Jack of all trades' type product. Great on all floors, the dilution ratio can be tweaked according to the level of dirt on the floor, this concentrated chemical goes a long way. It doesn't need much to do a good job.

For light cleaning dilute 1 part to 100 parts hot water

For general cleaning dilute 1 part to 50 parts hot water

For heavy duty cleaning and spray burnishing dilute 1 part to 30 parts hot water

For heavy duty degreasing dilute 1 part to 10 parts warm water

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