Persil Non-Bio Laundry Powder


Your new Persil non-bio Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash

Persil with wash booster technology* removes stains like grease, oil and mud

Tough stains are gone, even in a quick wash

The best ever stain removal from Persil, yet skill kind and gentle next to sensitive skin

*Wash booster technology works best on greasy and oily stains with regular use on polyester

Size 8.4kg
Specification Non-Bio
85 Washes

Get a professional finish with the leading name in laundry – with Persil Non Biological Laundry Powder.

Remove any stubborn stains and freshen up lifeless-looking clothes with the original Non-Bio formula, delivering industrial strength even in a quick wash.

Tackling hard to shift stains, Persil is also kind to sensitive skin – dissolving any unwanted grass, food, oil and grease stains whilst delivering results that are designed to be gentle to your skin. 

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