Oxy-Gen Viva!E Fragrance Refills



Available in range of unique fragrances 

Vivale doesn't just mask bad odours it eliminates them with neutralisers 

Neutralux molecules attack the malodour molecules allowing the scent to spread through the air

eliminates odours such as Tobacco, kitchen odours and sweat mildew animal and body odours

Continuous fresh scent & odour control

Lasts 60 days

Consistent fragrance

No harmful emissions, solvents or propellants

Low VOCs mean it is ideal for green buildings and LEED certification requirements

Viva!E can reduce the amount of VOCs being emitted by up to 90% when compared to aerosol cans

The refill is 100% recyclable and safe to dispose of in your regular plastic recycling waste

Less waste, safer storage

Works against gravity so the fragrance oil won’t pool or leak

Simple to install and refill

Watch the instruction video to ensure you're getting the most out of your OxyGen unit

Size Medium
Specification 6 per case

We love this product as it's a great alternative to using aerosols. Our customers often have sensitive environments where they can't be having aerosols continuously sprayed into the atmosphere so this is a fantastic solution.

Oxy-Gen precision dosing uses technology developed for the pharmaceutical industry

The patented gas cell releases a precise dosage of Oxygen 

The Oxygen is pumped into the sealed chamber and displaces the fragrance from the bag, delivering a precise dose of fragrance onto the emanator pad

Fragrance molecules are dispersed by the natural air movement within the area or room

Green flash – continuous for 2 minutes after new refill has been installed Green flash – once every 30 seconds = 30 day programme Green flash – twice every 30 seconds – 60 day programme

One flash for one month and two flashes for two months

Orange flash – every 10 seconds = Refill is empty and needs replacing Red flash – every 10 seconds = batteries are low Redflash – twice every 10 seconds = batteries are empty   Recommended height 1.5m installation height from the ground Needs to be in an area where the is natural airflow; doorway or in the path of an air current Do not put it near any air extraction units as the fragrance will sucked out of the room.


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