Bio Productions Sanitaire Clean-up Kits




Formulated for emergency use

Fast acting - instantly deodorises

Economical to use

Super Absorbent 

Liberally sprinkle the Sanitaire powder onto the area and allow up to two minutes before scooping it up and disposing. Once cleared, spray the infected area with Sta Kill to remove stains and odours caused by urine, smoke, vomit, mildew and cooking. The white powder has a subtle floral fragrance and is proven to clean-up vomit, body fluids and everyday spillages. Preferred among professionals, Sta Kill is an extremely powerful deodoriser with bactericide containing urine stain and odour neutralising agents. Sta Kill has a neutral pH and may be used safely on all surfaces including carpets, fabrics, wood, ceramics, plastics and vinyl.
Size Medium
Specification Clean-Up Kit Contains:
1 x 240g Sanitaire Emergency Clean-Up
1 x 500ml Sta Kill Deodoriser
1 x Spray pump
2 x latex gloves
1 x scoop
1 x heavy duty waste disposal bag
Sanitaire will absorb up to 400 times its own volume and contains a powerful bactericide effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

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