Microfibre Cleaning Cart


  • Easy Seperation of dirty and clean microfibre mops
  • Can accomodate up to 2 disinfecting buckets
Size Medium

  •  Material: Polypropylene / Aluminium

  • Dimensions: WxDxH: 1226x559x1118mm

  • Colour: Black

This Rubbermaid® features HYGEN™ Microfiber Charging Bucket platform which folds out of the way for use with Lock 'N Go bucket attachment. The cart has a Microfiber mop frame holder, and Two 30 Quart Storage Bins that are perfect for keeping clean and dirty microfiber heads separated and can be removed from either side of cart. Includes cart, two 10-quart caddies, two 30-quart storage bins and one PVC-lined fabric bag

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