Ecoshine Pro Internal Window Cleaning Kit


Ecoshine Pro™ is a telescopic tool for cleaning indoor windows and other washable surfaces. It is sturdy, maneuverable and easy to use, combining the cleaning power of pure water and microfibre, to remove any kind of dirt from windows and other non-porous surfaces, with rapidity and minimal effort.

What are the benefits of the Ecoshine Pro™?

Significantly reduces operating times

Lightweight, compact and easy to use

Eases access to small and awkward surfaces

No need to dry surfaces after cleaning

Where can I use the Ecoshine Pro™?

Partition walls

Mirrors & showers

Ground windows

Shop windows

Display cabinets

Public transport windows

Digital signs

...and many more!

Specification Each kit come with 4 pads;
2 x Microfibre Window Mops
2 x Microfibre Scrub Mops

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