Microfibre Scrub Mop - 30cm


  • Fast cleaning of non-scratch floor areas
  • No spreading of dirt
  • Fast and easy change because of Velcro
  • Loop for removal of the mop
  • Efficient use because of colour coding
  • Rewashable at least 350 times
Size Medium


  Green with blue ‘scrubbing strips’ (with coloured labels)


  30 cm (28/32 x 13)

  60% microfibre and 40% polypropylene (blue strips)


  ± 85 grams (30 cm)


  2x microfibre cloth and 1x non-woven cloth

We recommend using washing powder/fluid suitable for 60°C. In order to protect the environment we recommend washing at 60°C and at maximum temperatures only when it is necessary.

The blue polypropylene ensures a scrubbing effect on hard, not easily scratched floors and walls, such as tiles and melamine.

The interwoven microfiber and polyester material absorbs the dirt. The ScrubMop provides a more intensive cleaning: contamination and caked dirt will be removed efficiently.

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