Dragonfly®4 Internal Glass Cleaning System - complete with 5.2mtr Pole


  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals required
  • Rechargeable battery – ensures the task can be completed without the worry of having to have spare batteries
  • XR™ telescopic poles – no modular pole sections lying around
  • Can be fitted to any of the pole sizes from the XR™ range – reaching beyond 10 metres
Size Medium

The Kit Includes:

  • 500ml pouch in a backpack

  • Secured battery and pump, with a lighted on/off switch

  • 240-volt battery charger

  • Padded backpack

  • Remote control 'press-switch' assembly

  • Mop plate head assembly with fine nozzle

  • 4x microfibre pad

  • An enclosure for safe storage of the belt kit when not in use


  • Pole Material: 70% Carbon Fibre

  • Number of Sections: 4

  • Minimum length: 1500mm

  • Maximum Length: 5200mm-17ft

  • Achievable Height: 20ft

  • Weight (pole only): 1.09kg

  • Tubing: Internal Coiling Hose kit

  • Head Assembly: Aluminium 25cm Mob Plate with Spray tip

Areas of use include car showrooms, stair wells and atriums in office blocks, schools, colleges, hotels, airports, shopping centres the opportunities are endless! Saving time, saving money...

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