Pure Water External Window Cleaning Starter Kit


  • Filled with demineralising resin, these filters produce instant pure water for applications where a spot-free rinse is required, such as cleaning glass, windows, frames, conservatory roofs, solar panels, etc.
  • Available as single items or as part of a kit , the MOBI™ filters produce pure water on-demand quickly and easily and help you to get started – fast!
  • Think mobile pure water filtration, think Filterplus® MOBI™…pure water right where you need it.

SK07 Starter Kit with 20ft Telescopic Pole:

- MOBI™Carry filter filled with MB111 demineralising resin

- GXTEL5200R 20ft glass fibre pole with 20-metres of Lite-5® hose tubing

- Vikan Hi-Lo monofilament brush with 2x pencil jets

- AHA.H6 Anti-snag aluminium coupler

- Hose kit to connect filter to mains tap

- Hose kit to connect pole to filter

- Handheld TDS meter to measure water quality

This is the easiest and most effective way to start cleaning your exterior windows and fascias with pure water, 

It simply connects to a water source, runs via the resin and then is released via the brush on to the surface. Simple, streak free cleaning.

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