Rubbermaid Wand Duster High Performance Microfibre Replacement Sleeve


High-Performance microfiber dusters let you quickly clean everything from vents, crown molding, blinds, and much more.

EASY COLLECTION of dust, hair and larger debris. Works great for cleaning furniture and bed covers.

QUICK-CONNECT on the flexible wand allows our it to be used with any of our telescoping handles (1863882 & 1863883).

WASHABLE MICROFIBER SLEEVE is also easy to replace by just sliding if off the flexible wand (FGQ85200WH00).

WET OR DRY CLEANING allows users to trap the largest amount of dust and dirt.

Specification WIDTH: 8.26 (cm)
HEIGHT: 1.91 (cm)
DEPTH: 55.88 (cm)
Includes handle and sleeve

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