Teccare Daily 1 litre concentrate (makes 30 litres RTU)



Eliminates coronavirus No chlorine No bleach No alcohol No solvents Non flammable Non hazardous Non corrosive

DAILY is a total rapid biodegradable cleaner with NO Bioaccumulation to the environment or on surfaces, which means ZERO environmental impact!

DAILY can be used on Organic and Non‐Organic substrates.

It has zero VOC’s, cleans at neutral pH and breaks down oil spills Fat Oil and Grease (FOG), lipids, dried bodily fluids and organic matter.

  • Readily and rapidly biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-hazardous
  • Manufactured from renewable raw materials
  • Safe for personnel and the environment
  • Free from enzymes, acids, phosphates and preservatives

What does Daily do?

Daily physically cleans substrates ensuring the perfect base for CONTROL and ULTRA using no other chemicals in the newly created environment, whilst applying it through the electrostatic sprayers.

We recommend the Daily product to clean with as this uses the same adjuvant as ULTRA and CONTROL and assists with the efficacy of the CONTROL and its persistence. 

Specification 1 litre concentrate
Makes 30 litres ready to use

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