Teccare Control High Level Disinfectant Fluid



Eliminates coronavirus No chlorine No bleach No alcohol No solvents Non flammable Non hazardous Non corrosive

CONTROL has been formulated to clean and disinfect using only 0.08% of chemical in a 5 litre bottle, and offers high levels of antimicrobial activity as it carries on working as a persistent solution.

In concentrate format it is green in colour, fragrance free, chlorine free, alcohol free and provides excellent levels of user acceptance with prolonged antimicrobial effect, with excellent material compatibility and empowering Mother Nature.

CONTROL carries on working on the air in your environment as it passes over removing harmful VOCs. 

Applied through our electrostatic sprayers you get around 150sqm per litre, which is under 0.01p/sqm on a product that eliminates Coronavirus. 

Specification 4 x 5 litre containers that each have 60ml of concentrate in.

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