Teccare Ultra Concentrate Fluid



Eliminates coronavirus

No chlorine

No bleach

No alcohol

No solvents

Non flammable

Non hazardous

Non corrosive

ULTRA has been formulated in a reacted mass of peracids to create a highly effective cleaner and disinfectant which removes dirt that harbours mould, fungi and yeast. It kills C-Diff in less than 2 minutes and offers up to 48 hours antimicrobial activity (it carries on working as a persistent solution). It is fragrance free, chlorine free, and degrades / decomposes into safe by- products after use (water and oxygen). It is easy to use with excellent levels of user acceptance with a prolonged antimicrobial effect and excellent materials compatibility.

Applied through our electrostatic sprayers you get around 150sqm per litre, which is under 0.01p/sqm on a product that eliminates Coronavirus. 

For spillages and soiling use ULTRA first as it will kill the pathogens within the spillage or soiling, thus rendering it harmless to be removed and clean it up with DAILY.

  • Instant Kill on more then 100 Pathogens including Coronavirus, SARS, Avien Influenza
  • Removes surface bio-film. This is a first spray disinfectant
  • Kills C-Diff in under 2 minutes
Specification 2 x 5 litre containers (200ml in each)

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