Vileda SpillEx


  • High Absorbency: SpillEx contains super absorbing polymers in a high concentration.
  • No dripping: The absorbed water is transformed into gel, the liquid is bonded safe in the cloth, no dripping. 
  • Hygienic: Safe handling of liquid contaminations. 
  • No soiling of cleaning solution: When working with bucket method use of SpillEx prevents mop contamination, which saves time and money.
Size Medium

Size: 510 x 370mm

20 pieces per pack.

Product description:

SpillEx consists out of three layers:

Bottom layer: a hydrophilic nonwoven that absorbs the water and transfers the liquid into the inner cloth structure.

Middle layer: contains a very high concentration of super absorbing polymer particles. In contact with water they transform liquid into gel, which results into a secure bonding of the liquid without any dripping.

Top layer: made of a PE foil. This foil is a water barrier and ensures hygienic handling when picking up the used cloth.

The amount of liquid one SpillEx can absorb depends on the type of liquid. In typical application situation SpillEx is suitable to absorb approx. 1200 ml of tap water and 500 ml of urine.

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