Chicopee Lavette Super Cloths


Its unique open structure guarantees superior dirt pick-up and efficient absorption, the wipe dries quickly and thus remains clean and fresher for longer providing optimal hygiene and minimal odours

Lavette Super’s unique fibre and binder composition creates an antibacterial performance preventing bacterial growth, thus ensuring the cloth is safe to use

Lavette Super can be used in combination with any cleaning agents or disinfectants I

t is a multi-purpose wipe that can be used over and over again and is therefore economical and efficient

Lavette Super is available in 5 different colours, supporting HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) conditions

Lavette Super colour coding can help you in preventing cross-contamination and contribute to health & safety


Comes in packs of 25 or 10


The all-time champion wipe - as stated by Chicopee themselves and we agree! Best cloth on the market

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