SaniShoe Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers


  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: SANISHOE provides effective protection for your floor by keeping shoes/boots from getting dirt, dust and wetness on surfaces. This helps maintain the original cleaned condition.
  • AFFORDABLE PROTECTER: SANISHOE The cost of protecting a floor is less than a 5p!
  • GREAT FUNCTIONALITY: SANISHOE helps keep both your floor and shoes/boots clean. Use them indoor or outdoor at home, in a lab, hospital, factories, or construction site. Great for visiting Technicians, Electricians, Painters, Plumbers, Installers, Real Estate Agents, and Care Givers.
  • QUALITY: SANISHOE is made of durable and high quality material - polypropylene non-woven fabric that is able to withstand ripping and tearing. Each pair of disposable shoe covers is machine made with anti-skid pads with elastic seems at the bottom to provide maximum grip and prevent from slipping on any floor.
  • FLEXIBLE SIZE: SANISHOE shoe covers are made as one-size-fits-all that is suitable for up to Men's shoe size 12 UK.

Specification 2500 per case

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