Wipepod Anti-Viral Hand and Surface Hygiene Wipes Wipes


  • Tested to kill Norovirus, MRSA, C Diff, E Coli, Salmonella and 99.99% of a wide range of other bacteria.
  • Hygiene Wipes™ used in conjunction with the wipepod® help to save you money.
  • The wipes can be used to clean hands and work surfaces making them the only wipes you’ll ever need.
Specification 8 x 250 wipes
On average it takes 90+/- seconds to wash and thoroughly dry your hands using soap, water and a hand dryer. Using our Hygiene Wipes™ it takes just 12-15 seconds to perform the same procedure. Making good hand and surface hygiene practise quick, easy and convenient is proven to increase adherence to hygiene compliance in the workplace (for customers, visitors and staff). It’s no surprise, then, that recyclable Hygiene Wipes™ from us are always so in demand by businesses and organisations everywhere (gyms, offices, hot desking, fast food…).

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