UV-C Handheld Sterilisation Baton 120mW



120mW UV-C LEDs

Hand held

Long use 2 hrs from single charge

LED UV-C source

Powder coated white aluminium construction 

UV-C LED device for the cleaning of keyboards, payment terminals and other office equipment.

As with all UVC-LED it is low powered compared to the standard sources however it is not a toy and should still be considered hazardous to eyes and skin.

The unit needs to be held between 20-50mm from the item you are sterilising and held for 20-30 seconds to be effective.

This unit can be used to sterilise clipboards and other patient “touched “equipment.

The unit has a 3000 mah Lithium Ion battery, USB charged.

It comes complete with a magnetic USB charging lead.


  • Disinfection of keyboards & clip boards
  • Disinfection of payment terminals
  • Desktops
  • Chair arms
  • Personal office eq


  • Enclosed light source
  • On / off button non latching
  • LED no mercury
  • Sturdy alloy construction
  • Built in hanging hook
Specification Approval - CE Marked
Technology - LED
Wavelength - 260-280Nm
Ozone generation - No
Weight - 200 grams
Voltage - 5VDC
Wattage - 120 mW
Tube material - Quartz Glass
Mechanical and Housing - Powder coated Steel
Power source - Li-ION Battery USB charge
Length - 260mm
Width - 30mm Dia
Weight - 0.2kg

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