CARPEX Auramax pro cartridge 500ml refill pack of 6


1. Basil & Citrus – Gives the sense of freshness with basil and citrus notes. Finalises with amber and woody notes.

2. Big Boss – Makes a fresh introduction with bergamot and lavender, blended with cinnamon, aniseed and jasmine.

3. Cute – Commences with Mango, nectarine and blood orange, then it meets at heart with lotus, raspberry, water lily and apple. Ends with musk, sandalwood and coconut.

4. Noble Garden – Floral & green notes, opening with bergamot, lime, grass & mint. Continues with Rose, peony, geranium and neroli and is finished with cedar wood and fruity musks.

5. Oriental Blossom – A fresh & floral scent that conjures up images of the sea. Citrus & Marine notes introduce, followed by geranium, jasmine and lily of the valley. Crystal musks produce a soft and long lasting ending.

6. White Jasmine – Characterised by florals throughout, mystic jasmine and aromatic lavender introduce, followed by honeysuckle and ylang ylang middle notes. The fragrance ends with pure white musk.

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