NaturaSel Multi-Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner Concentrate (5 litre plus empty trigger spray)



Kills up to 99.99% (up to Log 5) of all bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses


Non-hazardous and non-toxic

Non-irritant, free of synthetic, harsh or toxic chemicals

No COSHH required

NaturaSel is an eco-friendly, highly effective multi-surface disinfectant. Using natural salt and water which is electrochemically activated, it’s very powerful and tests have shown that it is more effective than commercial disinfectants that contain harsh chemicals.

NaturaSel has been tested in an Independent UK Laboratory to evidence efficacy. It has a very rapid contact time, virtually on contact unlike some of the others which have a 30 second contact time.

It also has EN16777 which tests viral activity on hard surfaces including enveloped coronaviruses, unlike the EN1476 which is a suspension test. 

  • Truly a multi-purpose cleaner  - can be used in on all hard surfaces including glass and floors so has the potential to reduce the number of products a cleaner would need to carry.  Although is not a degreaser or toilet cleaner.
  • Made from purely natural ingredients so extremely safe.  It’s a hypoallergenic, non-irritant and is even kind to hands so users don’t need to wear gloves.  No harmful chemicals so no COSSH requirements.
  • The main disinfecting ingredient is Hypochlorous which is what our own bodies generate to fight infection which again backs up the safety and efficacy.
  • Can be used in food preparation areas safely – can even be sprayed on to fresh food to kill bacteria extend its shelf life
  • Tested to the hilt - Independent laboratory tests to BS and EN standards to evidence efficacy: EN14476, EN16777, EN1276, EN13697, EN1650, EN14348, EN13727, EN13624, EN1656, NF-T72-281
  • Can also be used on fabrics to remove stains and also acts a great deodoriser.
  • Already used by the NHS and Dental Practices.

Specification 5 litres Concentrate (1:1 dilution)
Includes Empty Labelled Trigger Spray

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