Clax Perfect


Clax Perfect is a high quality rice based liquid starch

This product can beapplied on cotton and polyester material, including VISA

Size Medium
Specification 20 litre

Use instructions

Dosing levels are dependent on wash classification. Starch should be applied in the last rinse of a washer extractor or in the last section of a continuous batch washer.

Recommended dosage: Cotton: 4.5 g/kg (for light stiffening) to 18 g/kg (for firm stiffening) Polyester (100 % VISA): 15 - 20 g/kg (for firm stiffening)

Please note the following:

• The bath level of the starch-processing step should be as low as possible, as to increase the starch concentration. This will result in a cost-effective process.

• During starching the pH of the solution should be around 5.5.

• The risk of bacterial growth is high when starch is left in the last section of a tunnel washer over night or, even worse, during a weekend. It is therefore recommended to avoid situations where classifications that need starch, are the last oneís to be processed at the end of the day.

• To minimise risk it is advised not to process starch classifications in a tunnel washer that is also used for washing hospital linen. In those cases where this cannot be avoided, it is necessary to suppress bacterial growth by applying Clax Neutrax.

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