Persil Biological Laundry Powder


Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash

Persil with wash booster technology* removes stains like grease, oil, mud, grass & chocolate ice cream

Tough stains are gone, even in a quick wash

The best ever stain removal

Improved and long lasting fragrance

*Wash booster technology works best on greasy and oily stains with regular use on polyester

A biological product contains enzymes. These enzymes are highly efficient stain removal ingredients that work at low temperatures.

Size 8.4kg
Specification Bio

Persil just got bigger – and better – thanks to the improved technology behind the Persil Biological Laundry Powder.

Delivering up to 120 washes, enjoy big value at low prices thanks to its professional cleaning performance.

The hardworking Persil Biological Laundry Powder Wash contains an unbeatable formulation designed to tackle any stains easily and effectively, restoring your clothes to their former clean glory.

Make light work of laundry with the powerful Persil Laundry Powder Wash and enjoy quicker washes, with the nation’s trusted detergent that is kind to the environment as well as on skin.

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