Granwax GP Base


Ideal for use on strip, block and mosaic wood flooring that has no previous history of residual wax

Helps minimise grain raising and will enhance natural wood colour

Base coat for Granwax waterbased floor finishes

Fast drying – approximately 1 hour

Easy to apply

Low odour

Will enhance natural wood colour

Size Medium
Specification 5 litre single
Water-Based Floor Finishes

The water-based floor finishes range has been specifically developed by Granwax to contain very low, or zero, VOCs and solvents.

From the eco-friendly Nature, which has no VOCs and is perfect for those sensitive projects, to the extremely durable 2-component Masterfinish, which is gentle on the environment yet suitable for floors subjected to extremely heavy traffic, Granwax has an environmentally-friendly finish for every floor.

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