Ecoboiler 5 Litre


Push-button or tap hot water dispensing Energy efficient water boiler Fully insulated tank Compact footprint No more kettles No more urns Improve safety on your site Plumbed into mains supply Electronic control Made with over 95% recyclable materials Fits up to 40cl (14oz) cup - ‘to go drinks’ Availablle to rent annually Includes installation and 2 services per year
Size Medium

5 litre rapid draw off

28 litre output per hour

156 cups per hours

Power @ 230V - 2.8kW

PB5/T5 - 464x210x465

Ecoboiler Push button and Tap dispensing Hot Water Boilers

Ideal for all self-service locations including grab and go applications, canteens and small sites.

Really low maintenance and simple to service and descale. We have the 5 litre model here at Source Aqua HQ!

Available in 5 and 1 litre models.

Increase productivity!

Have you considered how much time is spent making hot drinks? Use our Source Aqua calculator to work out the savings you could make.

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