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Cobweb Duster Attachment

Heavy duty bristle on a strong and durable wire fr..

Dolphin Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder

High quality satin stainless steel Plastic insert..

Domed Cobweb Brush With Telescopic

This is the ideal brush for cleaning ceilings and ..

Duracell Plus D Size Batteries

Duracell Plus Power 2 Pack of D batteries Long la..

Duracell Plus Power Alkaline AA Batteries

Duralock technology keeps unused Duracell batterie..

Extendable Cobweb Brushes

Great for indoor or outdoor use Split tip bristle..

Funnel 6"

High quality plastic funnels..

Industrial SkyVac S (Wet & Dry)

New side glide entrance eliminating time consuming..

Metal Squeegee

The squeegee heads are formed with specially selec..

Panasonic Red Batteries C

Ideal for medium to high drain appliances...


This Plunger is ideal or clearing sinks, basins an..

Seamless 260mm Hand Scoop

Available in different colours...

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