Brushware & Pads

17" Blue Pads

For use with machines operating at speeds of 150 t..

3M Scotch Brite Pad

For cast iron pots, stove burners, broilers, garde..

914mm Platform Broom Head

Olive Green PVC 914mm Platform Rubberwood Finish..

Broom Complete with Soft Head

Great for general sweeping Three sizes available..

Broom Complete with Stiff Head

Great for general sweeping outdoors Three size..

Diamond Pad

Twister™ Red will effectively remove scratches and..

Numatic Airo Brush

Airo power brush provides a superb level of carpet..

Olive Green PVC Broom Head

Branded Birtish MAde Olive Green PVC 300mm Plai..

Resin-Set Dual Stiffness Double Wing Scrub

210mm Double Wind Scrub Available in different c..

Scrubbing Brush

Suitable for removing stubborn stains...

Soft Brush

The brush is made of foamed polypropylene with sof..

SYR Claw Brush

Tough polypropylene bristles..

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