Flat Mopping

High Performance Microfibre Damp Mop 40cm (16'')

Microfibre, with its ultra fine split fibre techno..

Microtex Flat Mop Frame

24cm x 8cm Made from aluminium Velcro to attach ..

Rapid Flat Mop Disposable Wipes

Fantastic for rapid light cleaning and dust contro..

ScrubClean System

Utilising patented design with rotating brush bars..

SYR Floor Cleaning Kit

Snapper Frame Wet/Damp/Dusting Mop Drying Mop I..

SYR Heavy Duty Handles

Colour coded Handles SYR Interchange fittings Li..

Vileda Swep Duo Plus mop frame

This new mop frame with built-in lever is designed..

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