Mopping Systems

Becca Bin Mop

Cleaning Mop for Standard Beca-Bin..

Big White Exel Mops (10 Pack)

Although the mops can be used just as ordinary cot..

Dust Mop Complete

The acrylic mop heads can be vacuumed after use ar..

Dust Mop Frame

Made with 1/4" steel Metal frame is coated with a..

Dust Mop Head

Available in 3 sizes..

Exel Mop Head

With its easy push fit socket the Exel system make..

Exel Revolution Mop Head

Looped and stay flat 50/50 mix of synthetic and c..

Freedom Kentucky Mop

The Freedom mops can last up to 8 times longer tha..

Freedom Socket Mop Head

Made from the finest cotton fibres Looped Stitc..

Kentucky Clip


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