Mopping Systems

Becca Bin Mop

Cleaning Mop for Standard Beca-Bin..

Big White Exel Mops (10 Pack)

Although the mops can be used just as ordinary cot..

Exel Mop Head

With its easy push fit socket the Exel system make..

Exel Revolution Mop Head

Looped and stay flat 50/50 mix of synthetic and c..

Klingon Bucket

Polypropylene construction with carry handle Can ..

Long Tall Sally Mopping Combo

Highly durable mobile bucket and wringer combo for..

Microtex Complete Mopping Kit

Large kit comprising of 5 colour coded microfibre ..

SYR Sorb Cut End Kentucky Mop Maxi

Excellent mopping performance and great pick-up of..

V Sweep Mop Complete 40"

Stronger, scissor action sweeper for fast sweeping..

V Sweep Mop Heads 40"

Dust is collect in the v section of frame...

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