Cloths & Dusters

Abbey Valette Cloth Blue

Semi disposable and machine washable. Very hard w..

Abbey Valette Cloth Red

Semi disposable and machine washable. Very hard w..

Chicopee Lavette Super Cloths

Its unique open structure guarantees superior dirt..

Chicopee S.U.D.S

Industrial kitchens Catering Hotels Schools Re..

Floor Cloths

Abrasive qualities help to remove stubborn stains..

Golden Magnet Dust Maid

V-shape washable fringe makes it ideal for dusting..

J Cloth Roll

Dispensed one at a time from the top of the box, s..

J Cloths - single use cleaning

J-Cloths are a lightweight hygienic wipe which are..

Large Dishcloths

Machine washable Long-lasting..

Microfibre Cloth

Ideal for use on: Floors Windows Mirrors Pa..

Microfibre Glass Cloth

Great for cleaning glass and mirror Silks textu..

Ocean Wipes

Excellent dirt pick-up properties for use on all t..

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