Air and Surface Disinfection

AIRsteril MF Multiflex Range

HEALTHCARE PROBLEMS Embarrassing odours Incr..

AIRsteril MP Range

HEALTHCARE PROBLEMS Embarrassing odours Infe..

AIRsteril WR Range

HEALTHCARE PROBLEMS  Offensive odours I..

AIRsteril WT Range

HEALTHCARE PROBLEMS Offensive odours Visitor..

AIRsterile AS Healthcare Range

HEALTHCARE PROBLEMS  Embarrassing odours..

Blueair Air Purifier Classic 405 with Particle Filter

Filters room air at the industry-recommended rate ..

Melon Mist Sani Spray

Stop the spread of Coronavirus with Melon Mist aer..

UV-C Air Flow Unit 144W

UVGI disinfection is shown to be effective against..

UV-C Handheld Sterilisation Baton 120mW

UV-C LED device for the cleaning of keyboards, pay..

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