Special Cleaners


Cleans and sweetens drain lines and grease traps i..

Jeyes B2 Cabinet Glasswash

Formulated to aid beer head retention for machine ..

Jeyes B5 Reactive Purple Beer Line Cleaner

Suitable for both pressurised dispensing equipment..

Jeyes C6 Pre-Soak & Destainer

Removes tannin from tea, coffee pots Removes stai..

Jeyes C8 Restore Glass Renovator

Fully restores glasses, plates cups and crockery ..

Jeyes H1s Bactericidal Hard Surface Cleaner

Cuts through grease and grime Kills germs on cont..

Jeyes H2s Super Concentrated Toilet Cleaner

Freshens and neutralises odours Kills harmful bac..

Jeyes H3s Glass and Multisurface Cleaner

Kills bacteria including MRSA Removes dirt and..

Jeyes H4s Air Freshener & Odour Neutraliser

Leaves a pleasant, long lasting fragrance For u..

Jeyes H5s Acidic Washroom Cleaner and Disinfectant

Effectively cleans, disinfects and descales washro..

Odour Digester Concentrate (formerly Biodour-ex)

Suitable for use on a wide range of carpets, abso..

S20 Caustic Food Plant & Oven Cleaner

Removes baked on fat and shortenings from ovens an..

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