Sea Kelp

Sea Kelp

Infused with a clean, fresh coastal fragrance, our Sea Kelp hotel miniatures recreate an invigorating spa experience.

Sea Kelp Bar Soap 40g

An excellent hotel soap, this product is circular ..

Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Gel 300ml

A fresh foaming gel, suitable for use in either ba..

Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Gel 30ml

A refreshing gel that can be used in the bath or s..

Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Gel 50ml

A refreshing gel in a conveniently sized bottle, w..

Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Gel 5L

Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Gel but in a cost-effec..

Sea Kelp Conditioner 300ml

Infused with nutrients & fragranced with a fre..

Sea Kelp Conditioner Mini 50ml

A nourishing conditioner in a small 50ml bottle, w..

Sea Kelp Hair & Body Shampoo 5L

Sea Kelp Hair & Body wash but in a cost-effect..

Sea Kelp Hand Wash 5L

Sea Kelp refreshing Hand Wash in an economical 5L ..

Sea Kelp Moisturiser 300ml

Sea Kelp Moisturiser is available in a handy 300ml..

Sea Kelp Moisturiser 30ml

An elegantly scented moisturiser in a cute bottle,..

Sea Kelp Moisturiser 50ml

A lightly scented moisturiser in a little bottle, ..

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