SYR Cradle to Cradle Closed Loop Initiative

SYR Cradle to Cradle Closed Loop Initiative

SYR believe their products are far too beautiful to end up in landfill – so please return your end-of-life SYR buckets and polypropylene plastics to Source and we will send them back to be repurposed into new SYR Switch products.

Reduce > Reuse > Repurpose

SYR are launching a brand new and exciting scheme for our customers: the Cradle to Cradle system. This is one more way that SYR are aiming to redefine our business and further our goal of transforming SYR into a truly sustainable manufacturer, by creating a circular economy, and making the most of the earth’s finite resources through intelligent design solutions.

With this closed loop recycling system, would-be waste, such as broken or worn plastic cleaning buckets, is transformed by SYR’s advanced plastic recycling and manufacturing processes into completely new and ready-to-use products. Instead of paying for external companies to dispose of your waste, our customers now have the option to any SYR polypropylene product back to us. In addition to these financial benefits, this system will also reduce the amount of waste unnecessarily ending up in landfill, alleviating the impact that your company has on the natural environment.

SYR are already incredibly proud of our existing recycled products, like the SYR Switch range, which we offer at the exact same price as their non-recycled counterparts and are guaranteed to be just as durable and long-lasting.

The new Cradle to Cradle service is just one more way for SYR to both support the environment, and support our customers in doing the same.

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