Take the Source Twister Challenge!

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We want to show you how Twister Floor Pads can bring your floors back to life.

  • Do you have a floor that just never looks clean?
  • Is there a floor that is always tricky to bring back to life?
  • Does chemical build up on a floor, making it hard to make presentable?
  • Do you want shinier, cleaner floors with more grip?
  • Would it be a good thing to reduce the amount of chemicals being used on your floor?

If the answer is yes to any of these then...


Everyone who takes the Source Twister Challenge will receive;

  • Free Site Survey and Report
  • Free Slip Coefficient Testing
  • Free Surface Gloss Testing

The above tests are usually charged at £500!

Offer ends May 11th 2018.

Plus, we are throwing in a discount for the first 10 customers to take the challenge;

  • 20% off your first order of Twister Pads!

What's next? Find the floor that needs some life breathing into and take the Source Twister Challenge!

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