Stop using Chlorine Tablets!

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Cleaning & FM, Care Homes, Childcare and the Healthcare sector trust chlorine tablets way too much. 

They are perceived to blast all the bugs. But that’s not all they are destroying. 

Our alternative is a more careful, considerate alternative without the risks but with the added benefit of cleaning capability and residual kill time. 

We have nature's answer to sodium hypochlorite. And it makes the job 50% quicker and 100% safer.

EVIDENCE! Reducing risk posed by damaged mattress covers

Here is a case study from TECcare that shows the results from independent testing of a mattress cover.

Benefits of Control versus Chlorine Tablets AKA Bleach Tablets AKA sodium hypochlorite

  • Control is 1 step cleaning and disinfecting 
  • Chlorine is 2 step (you have clean before using chlorine tablets to sanitise)


  • Control has unlimited exposure levels on the SDS
  • Chlorine exposure levels will be low (meaning use of this product is within a very small time frame)


  • Control will not affect fire ratings
  • Chlorine will remove any flame retardancy on furniture


  • Control is VOC free
  • If Chlorine is dissolved in warm water it will release more gases


  • Control is proven to stay active for up to 28 days (independent lab data)
  • Once Chlorine dries off/evaporates, it’s effectiveness is zero


  • Control is biodegradable, plant based and contains no toxins, VOCs, alcohol or corrosives
  • Chlorine can only be dissolved in cold water, which takes time to fully dissolve. This is an operational cost but also poses a risk of cleaners proceeding to use it whilst not fully dissolved

Ask the question: Is it time to make a more ethical, professional and safe choice? We are selling a product but we are backing it up with undisputable data.

TECcare Control Information Pack

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