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After a recent visit to see our old friend in the business, Craig Williams (Sales Director, Lucart UK), we were enlightened to the unique characteristics of a their EcoNatural range.

We've seen the product before but we think it was ahead of it's time. Since 2013, Lucart have been using Tetrapak cartons as the primary material in all EcoNatural products. As we learned, this isn't a token blend of a few recycled cartons, this is the whole lot. The entire product is made without using a single tree.

We all assume paper has to come from trees, but it seems Lucart have reinvented the wheel.

Saving 5 Trees Per Pallet

This is a shocking statistic, at face value. It takes 5 trees to make just one pallet of paper. We're not sure how big those trees are, but we just know with Lucart EcoNatural range, none are used. 

Of course, pure pulp sourced from responsible forests are also sustainable with replanting programmes and usage of the entire tree. 

Where we see this fitting in is replacing recycled paper products. Whilst repurposing used paper to create new products is better than nothing, it is still a carbon heavy process and produces largely non-recyclable waste.

EcoNaturals creates a truly circular economy. 

When the TetraPak is separated:

  1. The cellulose fibres are used for tissue paper production
  2. The aluminium & polyethylene content is used for dispenser production (certified by ReMade in Italy)
  3. The paper of EcoNatural products is produced using 100% electricity from renewable sources

When we first saw this product range, it was considered to radical for the market. Light brown toilet paper was too much of a leap in the pre-COVID era.

Now, with such huge emphasis on our planet (finally), the cleaning and janitorial industry, plus the end user, is more accepting of innovative products that are a bit different to what we know.

We also think a light brown product creates a talking point and triggers curiosity from the consumer. This is addressed with the many marketing and signposting touch points that Lucart provides for all customers. 

These explainers that are placed in the washroom and/or on dispensers, indicate the reasons for the product colour and the sustainable benefits.

Free on Loan

All Lucart system products are available with Free On Loan dispensers. This means you can switch to a circular economy product that is stacked with environmental credentials and statistics. 

There are some great options for unique and efficient dispensers. 

Change Messaging

Informing your washroom users about the EcoNaturals product can help smooth the transition from white to light brown paper. Door cards, table cards and stickers can be provided to explain the recycling process from TetraPak to paper.

Lucart Statistics for EcoNatural (2013 - 2022)

Lucart EcoNatural Brochure Download

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